A legend file. Just sayin’.

"You’re awesome mate!! Just sayin’."

That was a text I got a couple of years ago from my good friend Rohan Dredge, apropos of nothing.  

Made my day back then, and makes me smile every time I read it.  

And because it’s in my legend file, I read it every month.  

The reason I’m using Roh as my example is because he gave me the idea of a legend file. It’s an Evernote file where I collect nice things people say about me. Acknowledgements that I receive. Things that lift my spirit and help my mojo.   

But the real secret to this is that I read it every month. I have a checklist of things that get done at the end of every month. There’s some finance stuff, some admin stuff, and some planning stuff that I like to do every month. And the final item says “read legend file.”  

And pretty much every month I think to myself “I don’t need to do that, I know what’s there, there are other things I could be doing.”  

But it’s on the list, and I want to tick it off so I read it. (Yep, that’s the kind of guy I am. It’s a little sick. I will often add something I’ve already done to my list for the day just so I can tick it off. I quite enjoy a good Excel spreadsheet too. What can I say?)  

And every time I read it, it works – it fills me up just that little bit.  

I recommend it.