Peter is a warm and engaging speaker who combines strong business acumen and a deep understanding of human behaviour with a surprising sense of humour.



Projects That Matter

There is no magic bullet that can help your organisations be successful, your teams rock and you be personally fulfilled. But if there were a magic bullet, it would be implementing projects that matter, creating and executing the projects that make a difference. Pete explains why there is nothing more important than our projects, why we find them so hard, and what to do about it.

You’ll walk away

  • Understanding good management is killing your organisation
  • With the five keys to successful project implementation
  • Clear about the projects that matter in your team and in action

Suited to

Audiences who want to walk away with more than a bunch of good ideas – with projects to implement and the structure to do so.


Implementing Innovation

Creativity doesn’t end with a great idea… in fact that’s just the start of the process. It’s what we do with those ideas that separates the truly innovative companies from the rest. Pete teaches the structures, the culture and the mindset required to go from inspiration to profit.

You’ll walk away

  • Clear about the obstacles to making our ideas happen
  • With the structures and the tools to implement innovation
  • Clear about the next steps individually and for your teams and organisation

Suited to

Audiences with lots of good ideas who want to bring them to life quickly and easily.


21st Century Sales

The game has changed, prospects and customers have transformed, sales ain’t what it used to be, and sales teams need to learn the rules of sales in the 21st century. Pete shares why the first sale is always to you, why it’s more important that you choose your customers than the other way around, and how to thrive in the new sales paradigm.

You’ll walk away

  • Understanding how the game of sales has changed in the 21st century
  • With a completely new mindset about the sales process
  • Confident about what to do to enjoy sales more and make more sales

Suited to

Audiences in the business of selling services or sophisticated products looking to increase their numbers.