A workshop to check out - and help a family who lost everything in the recent Philippine floods

I received some news about one of my wife Trish's uncles this week that has really put some of our own challenges into perspective. You may have heard about the devastating typhoon and floods that have swept through Manila recently. Trish's uncle Roland and his family have pretty much lost everything. Their house was filled with water and the damage means his house will probably have to be pulled down. All of their electronic equipment and most of their furniture has been destroyed. His two cars are totalled. And in the Philippines there is no car or house and contents insurance, which means they haven't been insured for any of the damage. Plus - they ran a home-based business which is now very much on hold.

Imagine losing everything you have!

So, we've decided to give all the proceeds from our upcoming Love Your Money Workshop in Sydney to Roland and his family to help them get back on their feet. The workshop is on Friday evening 30th October and Saturday 31st October.

And I'd like to ask for your help.

If you're in Sydney, please come along - you won't regret it. Not only will you be supporting a family very much in need - you will also get a tonne of value from this workshop - much more than the price of the ticket. And there is no risk to you because if by the end of the workshop you aren't thrilled with it - you can have your money back - no questions asked!

If you're not, please forward this to anyone you know in Sydney who you know that might be interested in reaching financial independence more quickly, and would like to make a difference to a family in need. I've attached the flier, and there is some info below.

Thanks in advance


PS Here's some information about the Workshop.

What is the workshop about? - It's about financial freedom!

The workshop is for you if: • You believe that you could be doing better financially • You ever feel stressed, anxious, or have regret when it comes to money - and you would like to change this • You love the idea of not having to work for money - and only having to work 'cause you want to • You want to improve the way you earn, spend and invest your money The workshop teaches a powerful 7 step process to much more quickly achieve financial independence- the point where you don't have to work for money if you don't want to! The workshop deals with both the psychological and practical side of your relationship with money. It's about earning powerfully, spending consciously and investing wisely.

How much does the workshop cost?

The workshop costs $295 (including GST). If you bring someone else, the second person comes half price - it costs $442.50 for two people. (And there's a full money-back guarantee.) All of this will be going to support Roland and his family to get back on their feet.

Here's what a few past participants have said:

"Love Your Money Workshop is a power-packed program providing new insights and useful tools, structures and ongoing support to kick start the real journey to financial independence. The information presented is easy to understand and implement, taking the mystery out of money and giving the controls back to you. This is a must-do workshop for anyone committed to a powerful journey towards true financial independence. Thank you!" Jo Davies.

"I wasn't at all on the path to financial independence. Because of the Love Your Money Workshop, now I am!" Ivan Waters

"There were so many eye opening moments. Thank you very much and I look forward to implementing what I learned to create financial independence!" Kyoko Yoshizunu (Kyoko is a financial planner)

"This course has significantly increased my understanding of the investment and financial planning industries." Cathy Horder

"Love Your Money has enlightened me on a whole new approach to being powerful around my finances and creating a new relationship with money." Robyn Gray