The cachet of a book

In Thought Leaders Business School one of our deliverables is write a book. (If you want to see something impressive, check out the virtual book shelf with the books of TL graduates… and be prepared to scroll for a while.)

I’m often asked why. It’s a good question. I bang on a lot about the flipped classroom and we also say thought leaders should blog, write white papers and publish in other ways. So why do we still say you should (and must, if you do our program) publish a book?

Work is what grown ups do

Larry Winget wrote the book It’s Called Work for a Reason. His opening line says it all.

“As soon as you know what has to get done, do it. It’s as simple as that. Just do what absolutely has to get done. I didn’t say you should do only that, but I did say do that. Do it first. Don’t do anything else until it is done. Even if you have an overwhelming amount you would like to get done and it should be done, do what absolutely has to get done. If that is the only thing you get done all day, you will be better off for having done it. It really is that simple. Know your priorities.”