Pete has dedicated over 15 years to helping clever people become commercially smart. Thought Leaders Business School is the culmination of all he has learnt along the way, and the result is truly extraordinary.

Pete's first contact with the Thought Leaders curriculum was as a student in a training program with the founder of Thought Leaders Global, Matt Church. The methodology resonated deeply with Pete, whose immediate and profound shift in productivity saw him quickly become one of its greatest success stories.

Pete became obsessed with the methodology, and soon became a partner in the business (he is now CEO). As he integrated his own expertise with the IP, Pete envisaged a new format for teaching and implementing the methodology. Pete designed a truly immersive experience that would provide not just the knowledge but also the environment, platform, and accountability that would maximise the results of each student.

Thought Leaders Business School is the outcome, and Pete is the founding Dean.

I made more in the first three weeks of March than I had the full year prior. This is the most phenomenal journey. I cannot rave more highly about this program and the community I am now a part of.
— Rachel Bourke

Business School is a 12 month program which provides everything you need to reap commercial returns for your expertise.  It brings together an incredible tribe of commercially savvy experts, each developing their own IP and carving out their unique position in the market as speakers, authors, trainers, mentors, facilitators and coaches. The results have been truly astounding.



So if you're an expert — in any subject matter — who wants to develop and leverage your own IP to make a difference in the world, head over to Thought Leaders Business School to learn more.