The One Thing You Can Control

  My meditation teacher said something that I think is incredibly profound. He said:

The one thing you can control is where you put your attention. Control your attention and you can control your mind. 


I love the idea that no matter what is happening around me, I can control where I put my attention.

I also know that in my business the things that get my attention will flourish. And since my attention is the most limited resource that I have, the decision of where to put my attention is pretty important – perhaps the most important decision I make for my business.

Every three months when I go away to reflect and to plan my next quarter, the key thing I’m doing is working out where I’m going to put my attention over the next 90 days.

And likewise in Thought Leaders Business School the key thing that the students do during the quarterly immersions is choose where their attention is going to go over the next 90 days.

And I reckon most of us, most of the time, let others decide where our attention goes, rather than allocating it strategically and on purpose.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – what do you do with your attention? You can leave them below.