Reflections from a month of meditation

I’ve just got home from a one-month meditation retreat in Spain.

What a privilege to have a month to literally do nothing but sit, close my eyes and meditate. I’m very grateful to my family (and Trish in particular) and my team for making it possible.

So we’d do yoga in the morning and then sit around trying not to think all day*. Then at dinner someone would ask me what I do, and I’d say I run a company called Thought Leaders. Was very funny (well, was to me anyway).

Another advantage of a solo practice

One of the great strategic advantages of the practice model is agility.

Most business take one idea, or one key product, and live or die by the success of that venture. If the hypothesis - that people will buy this widget for this much money - is proven correct, the business thrives. If the opposite occurs, and the market doesn't want that widget at that price, the business dies.

Saying thanks

I got thanked three different ways recently.

The ATO sent me the following letter a couple of months back.

It says Dear MR COOK (I would have thought that we'd be on a first name basis by now, but anyway). The Australian Government thanks you for your tax contribution for 2015-16. This statement details ... where your personal tax was spent.