Never, ever, ever compromise on your core. Ever.

Mark owns a fabulous little café in Diamond Creek called Piccolo Meccanico. As my four-year-old daughter Scarlett would say, Mark is way into coffee. In a kind of obsessional, borderline unhealthy way. And while he’s way out in the sticks, he would be right at home in a trendy inner city coffee haven.

I’ve got a three-part test for a good café – polished concrete floor, big expensive Italian coffee machine, and aloof, disdainful barista (ideally with tats). Mark is perhaps a little too friendly, but apart from that, he’s got it all in spades.

Here’s what it looked like the other morning:

When is influence really manipulation?

At each Thought Leaders Business School Immersion we're treated to a keynote presentation from a successful professional speaker.

In February we enjoyed a brilliant 90 minute presentation from one of my favourite speakers, and someone who has spent a lifetime thinking about the art of communication, Colin James. As a veteran of the professional speaking circuit and a communication expert, Colin's message was perfect for our room full of thought leaders.

Why Cults Work

People in cults seem to do irrational things that seem objectively to be against their best interest. The most extreme example of this was the Jonestown deaths in 1978 where 918 people died after drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid.

Not the most cheerful start to a blog … but I’ve been wondering why. Why do we literally and metaphorically drink the Kool-Aid?

You can't make money from schools...or can you?

If you've been watching The Project on Channel Ten at all recently, you've likely heard Adam Voigt speaking on the topic of education. He is now the "go to expert" on schools and education in this country, such is the power of his positioning.

Of course, it wasn't always the case.

I met Adam when his practice was at white belt. What I love about his story is how he has gone from white belt to black belt in a market (schools) that everyone thinks you can't make money from.